The Deets

Are there things you WANT to do this year, but haven’t even started on them? 

January is done but there are still a little over 330 days left in this year.  That means that there are also only 47 WEEKS left in 2016! There are Things to do!  Places to go! Experiences to be had!

You may (or may not) have heard about 101 Things in 1001 Days.  I don’t want to wait that long.  This year – 2016 – is my “Why the Heck Not!” Year.  Those things you have always thought about doing – well, DO THEM!

This Challenge is fairly simple.  Create a list of 30 THINGS, be they Goals, Experiences or Accomplishments. So, with that in mind, put down these three categories (Goals, Experiences, Accomplishments) and start creating your list. The items can be BIG (lose those 20 pounds) or SMALL (bake cupcakes for the office).

Then, commit to working on your list throughout the year!  Every Sunday you will have a Daily to check off.  It doesn’t mean that you have to do a particular thing on Sunday, just note that you have been WORKING on your List – but it’s a good way to remind yourself all week that you will need to check off “#30in330” by having made progress towards your list.

You will also have Habits in your list that you can get bonus points for completing a Goal, having a fabulous Experience, and/or feeling a sense of Accomplishment. So, anytime you have completed something from your list – check off the appropriate Category.

In addition, Document it! in the Habits is for anytime you have documented your Progress! Create a Blog, add to Instagram, post on FB that you did #30in330! Please use the hashtag #30in330 so others can find out what you have been doing!

Join us, post your accomplishments and off we go!

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